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Service version matrix

Services in Cleura Cloud are updated on a regular basis and on a rolling schedule.

This section lists the cloud API service versions available in each Cleura Cloud region.

  • Public Cloud: versions running in our Cleura Public Cloud regions.

  • Compliant Cloud: versions running in our Cleura Compliant Cloud regions.

OpenStack Services

OpenStack releases are named in alphabetical order, and occur on a six-month release schedule. In Cleura Public Cloud we upgrade OpenStack releases annually; this means that we normally deploy every other OpenStack release and skip the intervening one.

Cleura Cloud currently runs OpenStack Antelope in all regions. The fact that Cleura Cloud has skipped the Zed release (in addition to Yoga, as we normally would have) is due to a one-time upstream release policy change. We return to the prior deployment schedule after the Antelope upgrade, and expect the next deployed release to be Caracal.

Ceph Services

Ceph major releases are also named in alphabetical order, and occur on a roughly annual schedule.

Cleura Cloud currently runs Ceph Quincy.