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Quality checks

There are a few checks that we apply to the configuration of this site. These checks run automatically via GitHub Actions workflows when you send your PR:

  • We check the commit message with gitlint, and enforce the Conventional Commits commit message style.
  • We check whether the documentation still builds correctly, with your change applied.
  • We apply pymarkdownlnt checks for Markdown consistency and to encourage some good documentation practices.
  • We check to make sure that no internal or external links in the documentation are dead. This is one example where the checks might fail through no fault of yours — some external link may have disappeared between the most recent change and your contribution, by pure coincidence. When that happens, we’ll fix it together.
  • We check some YAML conventions with yamllint. However, most contributions would probably only touch Markdown files and not YAML, so you’re unlikely to trip over this.

If you’re working in your local Git repository and your work environment has tox installed, you can also run the checks locally:


You can also configure your local checkout to run quality checks on each commit. To do that, run:

git config core.hooksPath .githooks