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Changing your account data

You may at any time change the contact person, address, company name, and purchase order number associated with your Cleura Cloud account.

To get started, navigate to the Cleura Cloud Management Panel. Log in and click the Profile button at the top right.

Orange avatar person with white background.

There, you will see the Account settings page. Choose the Customer Info tab, in which you can change and manage your customer information.

The 'Customer Info' tab with a green 'Update' button to complete the changes

Finalize your changes by clicking the green Update button at the bottom.

Adding or removing email addresses

In the Account settings pane, click the middle tab, labeled Contact. This will show your currently configured email addresses. If there is only one email address, it will have all available roles enabled.

A 'Contact' tab with a green 'Create new Email' button to add new a email address

Adding a new email address

Click on the green button labeled Create new Email.

A table of email addresses with a green button 'Create new Email'

Enter your new email address and click the green Create button.

An 'add email' dialog

The system will then send an automated email containing a verification code. The verification email looks like the example below, with the subject line Please confirm your new address - Cleura Account.

Screenshot of a verification email with a verification code

Please enter this code to verify your email address. Then click the green button labeled Verify.

A 'Modify Email' dialog with a text box where you enter your verification code

Choose a role association for the new email address, and click Back.

A 'Modify Email' dialog where you can choose one or more roles for your email address, showing the 'DPO' role enabled

You have now added one more email address, and selected a role.

A 'Contact' tab showing a newly added email address for the 'DPO' role

Removing an email address

Click on the red Trash icon next to the email address you want to remove.

The 'Email Address' table with Trash icons in red

A pop-up window appears. Click on the red button labeled Yes, Delete.

Pop-up window confirming email deletion

You have now removed one email address.

The 'Email Address' table, showing just one remaining email address

Assigning an email address to a new role

Click on the Modify button next to the email address you want to assign to a different role.

The 'Email Address' table with Modify buttons

Change the role by clicking one or all of Billing, Tech, or DPO.

A 'Modify Email' dialog enabling you to select roles for a specific address

At this point, the roles associated with the email address have been changed:

The 'Email Address' table with changed role associations

Changing an account’s organization number

Please note that you cannot readily change your organization number (for business accounts) or your personal number (for individual accounts) in the Cleura Cloud Management Panel.

In case you do wish to change any of those, you will have to submit a Transfer Form via our Service Center.