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Deleting your account

In case you decide to close your Cleura Cloud account, you may do so via the Cleura Cloud Management Panel. Log into your account and click on the profile button at the top right.

Orange avatar person with white background.

A pane named Account settings will slide over from the right-hand side of the browser window. To delete your account, click the Settings tab.

A Settings tab with a red box around it

Scroll to the bottom of the pane, and click the red button named Delete Account.

Black text on white background with info what will happen when you click on the delete button

Choose a reason for leaving and type in your current password. Click the red button named Delete Account one more time. That will create a request for account deletion.

Picture where you choose a option why you leave us. A field where you type your current password with a red delete button.

Using the Termination of Subscription Form

You may be unable to follow the standard account deletion process using the Cleura Cloud Management Panel, because you have lost your administrative credentials or you cannot access your account owner’s email address.

In this case, you can instead terminate your account by filling out the Termination of Subscription Form. Be sure to add your own signature (for personal accounts), or that of an authorized signatory (for company accounts).

Submit the form via our Service Center. If you have lost your Service Center credentials, you may also send it by email to

What happens after you delete your account

Three (3) days after receiving the request for deletion, any running virtual machines will be shut off. Then, after ten (10) days, all virtual machines and any other resources connected to your account will be deleted, including backups.

After the last invoice has been paid, we will delete your account. This entire process may take up to thirty (30) days after the last invoice is paid.

If you change your mind during the first three (3) days, please get in touch with our Service Center, and we will not delete your assets or your account.