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Why you should not attempt to delete projects

You may have noticed that the Cleura Cloud Management Panel does not provide a mechanism for completely wiping out projects, also known as tenants. In other words, you cannot simply delete a project and all of its resources in one go. Also, you cannot delete a project even after you have meticulously deleted all of its resources.

Following is a list of facts explaining our policy against wiping out or deleting projects.

Purging a project’s resources is not possible

There is simply no support for deleting all resources belonging to a project in one fell swoop, not even at the OpenStack API level. That is why you can also not wipe out projects even from the command line.

A way of deleting a project

Once all of its associated resources have been removed, deleting a project is technically feasible. To delete a project with no associated resources, a user with domain admin privileges may utilize the OpenStack CLI. The openstack client understands the command project, and that command understands the delete subcommand. But to successfully run openstack project delete <project>, domain admin privileges are required, and those are not available for Cleura Cloud users.

Disabling a project is possible

If you wish to disable a project, you can do so via the Cleura Cloud REST API. Make sure you have access to it, and then consult the documentation to actually disable a project.