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Sharing secrets via ACLs

Normally, a Barbican secret is only available to the OpenStack API user that created it. However, under some circumstances it may be desirable to make a secret available to another user.

To do so, you will need

  • the secret’s URI,
  • the other user’s OpenStack API user ID.

Any Cleura Cloud user can always retrieve their own user ID with the following command:

openstack token issue -f value -c user_id

Once you have assembled this information, you can proceed with the openstack acl user add command:

openstack acl user add \
  --user <user_id> \
  --operation-type read \<secret_id>

If you want to unshare the secret again, you simply use the corresponding openstack acl user remove command:

openstack acl user remove \
  --user <user_id> \
  --operation-type read \<secret_id>