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OpenStack quotas

Most of the OpenStack resources you create in Cleura Cloud are subject to quotas. Once you hit a quota limit, the creation of new resources of that type will fail, until you either reduce your resource utilization or your quota is raised.

Cleura Cloud applies most quotas on a per-project basis. Your Cleura Cloud account can manage up to 3 projects.

The following quotas apply in any of your Cleura Cloud projects by default:

Quota name Value Notes
cores 20 Maximum number of virtual CPU cores allocatable across all servers (“instances”).
floating_ips 50 Maximum number of public (“floating”) IPv4 addresses allocated in your project. The limit on floating IP addresses applies regardless of how many are “in use” (that is, associated with a port) at any given time.
gigabytes 1000 Maximum total amount of persistent storage used by all volumes (in GiB).
instances 10 Maximum number of servers in your project. This limit applies irrespective of whether the server is running, suspended, or shut down.
networks 100 Maximum number of networks.
ports 500 Maximum total number of ports (virtual network interfaces) across all servers, routers, and load balancers.
ram 51200 Maximum total amount of RAM used by all servers (in MiB).
rbac_policies 10 Maximum number of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) rules defined for your networks. (Rarely used.)
routers 10 Maximum number of virtual routers.
secgroup_rules 100 Maximum number of security group rules (across all security groups).
secgroups 10 Maximum number of security groups.
server_group_members 10 Maximum number of servers allocated to one server group.
server_groups 10 Maximum number of server groups.
snapshots 10 Maximum number of volume snapshots.
subnets 100 Maximum number of subnets. Note that subnets are either for IPv4 or IPv6, so in a dual-stack environment every network corresponds to two subnets.
volumes 50 Maximum total number of persistent volumes.

There is one other quota that applies per OpenStack API user, not per project:

Quota name Value Notes
key_pairs 100 Maximum number of secure shell key pairs.

Reviewing your quota

Using the openstack CLI, you can always review the applicable quota settings for your project with the following command:

openstack quota show

Requesting a quota increase

If you find that you need to deploy more resources in one project than the default quota allows, or if you need to manage more than 3 projects in your account, please file a support request with our Service Center.