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OpenStack API reference documentation

For a starting point on reference information about the OpenStack APIs in Cleura Cloud, and how to use them with a tool like curl, refer to the OpenStack API documentation landing page. Individual service APIs have their own detailed API reference documentation pages, such as those for the Compute (Nova) API or the Networking (Neutron) API.

You may also be interested in the API Quick Start Guide for information about how to authenticate against the OpenStack API, and send API requests.

To access the OpenStack API in Cleura Cloud, you need to have an account, and also download a valid credentials file, as you would for enabling the OpenStack CLI. All actions exposed via the OpenStack CLI are also available by calling the API directly.

OpenStack SDKs

Although the OpenStack API is perfectly usable via direct HTTP/HTTPS requests to the API endpoints, most developers prefer to use one of the Software Development Kits (SDKs) that wrap the OpenStack API. These SDKs are available for many languages:

If your target language has a supported SDK, it may be advisable to use one of them rather than work with hand-crafted HTTP/HTTPS requests.