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Any server instance running in Cleura Cloud has a flavor, which defines the number of virtual CPU cores, the amount of virtual RAM, and other performance-related factors.

Using flavors, you define a server’s performance characteristics and supported features.

Naming convention

Flavor names in Cleura Cloud follow a convention, which can be summarized as X.YcZgb:

  • X stands for a lowercase letter identifying the compute tier, with b representing the general-purpose tier. It is always followed by a full-stop (.).
  • Y stands for the number of virtual CPU cores. This number is always followed by the letter c.
  • Z stands for the allocated amount of virtual RAM, in gibibytes. This number is always followed by the string gb.

For example, the flavor named b.4c32gb would be used for a general-purpose compute instance with 4 cores and 32 GiB RAM.

Compute tiers

Cleura Cloud defines the following compute tiers:

  • b: General purpose. This is the default compute tier. Instances launched with matching flavors use highly available network-attached storage. This makes them flexible to migrate within the Cleura Cloud infrastructure, without interruption. Some limitations apply to instances with attached encrypted volumes.
  • s: High-performance local storage. Instances launched with matching flavors use local, directly-attached storage. This generally provides higher throughput and lower latency for I/O intensive applications, but instances launched with these flavors must configure their own high availability and data replication.
  • c: Physical CPUs. Instances launched with matching flavors will be assigned physical CPU cores, rather then virtual ones. These flavors are recommended for CPU-intensive workloads, or when there is a requirement for guaranteed CPU resources.

Some tiers are only available in select Cleura Cloud regions. For details on tier availability, see the Feature support matrix.

The general-purpose tier is always available to all Cleura Cloud customers. For access to other tiers, contact our Service Center.