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Raising support issues

The Service Center portal is used by customers with a paid customer support package tier, usually organisations. You can use the portal to create, manage and track issue tickets. If you are not subscribed to a paid support package plan, you can still issue the tickets to us over email.

Issue properties

Issue Type

One issue property that we often refer to is the “Issue Type”. Generally speaking one could say we only have two issue types, Service Requests and Incidents. These are two very different issue types and it is important that we understand in what ways.


When you issue a incident ticket with us you are reporting an ongoing incident. An incident is something that is hindering your normal operation, when an issue with our services is impacting your systems, customers or users.

Service Requests

A Service Request is the appropriate issue to create for anything that is not an incident. Some examples are:

  • Request for quota increase
  • Request for information
  • Invoice issues
  • Account issues
  • Cloud Management Portal issues

Priority Matrix

We apply the priority matrix when we set our priorities. It gives us the ability to prioritize incidents, requests and changes. With the matrix we balance the impact and urgency of the issue tickets so that we can assign, communicate, and resolve accordingly and appropriately.

The way we apply this is that you, the customer, assigns a Priority based on the priority matrix of Urgency and Impact. You can see the priority matrix below.

High impact Medium impact Low impact
High urgency P1 P2 P3
Medium urgency P2 P2 P3
Low urgency P3 P3 P4

Email Issue Ticket

When you send us an email to raise an issue ticket, please keep the following in mind:

  • Send your email to, from an email address matching your account data.
  • Use English. Some of our personnel do speak Swedish and other languages, but issuing tickets in any other language than English may result in longer response time.
  • Use a descriptive subject, like “Request to raise project quota” or “Unable to login to Cleura Cloud Management Panel”.
  • Include as much information as possible. In particular, detail what you’ve already tried resolve the issue. Also, if applicable, include the UUID (Universally unique identifier) of the relevant resource(s).

Please note that if you have a Support Package subscription, we require you to issue your support tickets through the Service Center portal.

Support Portal Ticket

In the Service Center portal there are three categories of request types, each with several issue types.

The ticket menu works in a dynamic way which means that depending on your selections made throughout the menu you will have different optional and required fields where you can input information. Always try to include as much relevant information as possible, this will help us help you more efficiently.

  1. Go to Service Center portal.
  2. Log in if you aren’t already.
  3. Select the Issue Type in the menu.
  4. Fill out the required fields and any potential field where you can provide more information.
  5. If you want this issue ticket to be visible to other members in your organisation you need to select Share with … at the bottom of the form. Otherwise select Private Request. If you are not in an organisation, you can skip this step.
  6. Click the Create button on the bottom right-hand side of the window.

Cleura Cloud

These request types are for issues related to the Cloud operations at Cleura. The types of requests you can issue in this category are:

  • Incident
  • General request

Cleura Cloud Category and Issue Types

Service Center Portal

These request types are for requests related to Organisations on the Service Center Portal:

  • Staff Onboarding
  • Staff Offboarding
  • Feedback & Proposals

Service Center Portal Category and Issue Types

Managed Services

These request types are for requests relating to our Managed Services:

  • File Backup
  • Hosting

Managed Services Category and Issue Types

Ticket communication

So now you have created your issue ticket, what’s next?

You should have received an email notification with a confirmation that issue your ticket has been created, if you want to provide additional details you can reply to this email. One of our Technical Support Engineers will soon get assigned to your case, confirm the details, and then take the proper actions to fulfill or resolve the request or issue, which will be communicated.

Be prepared that our Support Engineers may request additional information from you in order to resolve the issue.

If you have a Support Package subscription, you should always use the Service Center portal for further communication, this helps us authenticate you. This also makes it easier for you to track the communication and status of your issue ticket(s).

If you have a free Support Package plan you are limited to email communication.

Regardless of your Support Package plan you will always receive email notifications once there are updates to your issue ticket, and these emails can always be responded to to update your issue.