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Managing invoices

You may quickly review your invoices regarding the monthly usage of Cleura Cloud resources, selectively pay outstanding invoices, save any number in PDF format, and change the email address for receiving such invoices.

First, fire up your favorite web browser, navigate to the Cleura Cloud Management Panel start page, and log into your Cleura Cloud account.

Listing invoices

Make sure the vertical pane on the left-hand side of the dashboard is expanded. Please look at the options and click on Invoices (right below Users). Then, in the main pane of the dashboard, you will see a list of paid and outstanding invoices.

All invoices

Any paid invoice has a green circle-with-tick icon at the left of its row. Also, look at the Outstanding Amount column, where there is a value of 0.00 for each paid invoice.

Paid invoices

Displaying invoice details

Notice the three-dot orange icon at the right of any invoice row. By clicking on it, you get a pop-up with specific options regarding the corresponding invoice. For example, you can view the invoice’s PDF or download it onto your computer.

Options regarding selected invoice

Paying outstanding invoices

There is also the Pay this invoice option. Choose it for an outstanding invoice and you will get a pop-up with a detailed rundown of the dues, together with supported payment methods.

Payment options

Changing your invoice email address

Finally, you may change the email address for receiving invoices. At the right-hand side of the dashboard, click the user icon at the top of the page. A pane titled Account settings will slide over.

There are three tabs in that pane:

  • Customer Info,
  • Contact,
  • Settings.

Click the middle one, Contact. If there is only one email address, it will have all available roles activated — including the Billing role.

Contact info

Add a new email address to receive future invoices in a different email. Then, make sure the Billing role is deactivated for the old email address and activated for the new one.

New email address for getting billing info