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Creating a new account

To gain access to Cleura Cloud, you first have to create a new account. For that, navigate to

Type in necessary details

Select the new account type (that would be Company or Private), carefully type in a valid email address, and choose your country. At your leisure, please read the Terms of Service and our Data Processing Agreement.

Agree to these documents (select Yes), check the I’m not a robot box, and then click on the Create button.

This will redirect you to the Cleura Cloud Management Panel, and since you are logging in from a new account for the first time, you now have to take three simple steps.

Three steps to take

  • Step 1 - Confirm your email. Check your inbox or your SPAM/junk folder for an email from with the subject Thank you for your registration - Cleura Cloud. Open that email and click on the link in the message body.

Three steps to take

  • Step 2 - Account information. After clicking on the confirmation link you move on to step two, where you enter all relevant information that uniquely identifies the brand-new account. Type in, for example, a username for the account user, and make sure you define a strong password for them. (A password manager may come in handy.) Please note that all fields are mandatory, so take a little time and fill them in accordingly. Should you have a rebate code, do not forget to click on I have a rebate code and type it in below. When you are done, click on the Save button.

Confirm account information

  • Step 3 - Account verification. While the new account is being created, and before it becomes fully operational, you have to take one last step toward verification. You do that either by entering valid credit card information or by placing a simple phone call. Should you choose to verify by credit card, rest assured that no charge will take place — no money will be drawn from the card, in other words. On the other hand, if you prefer to verify by phone, you may certainly do so during business hours (08:00 – 17:00 CET/CEST UTC+1/UTC+2). If you choose to call, please remember that you will be asked for the username of the new account, so have that piece of info handy.

Account verification

After the account verification is complete, you are greeted by the Cleura Cloud Management Panel. Feel free to follow through the introductory guide to the environment — that will not take long — or skip it and start taking advantage of the Cleura Cloud without delay.