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About our How-To guides

In this section you’ll find details about how you can accomplish specific tasks in Cleura Cloud and the services we support.

There are several categories of How-To guides, and they tend to be focused on a specific cloud technology.

  • Getting Started How-Tos help you create an account in Cleura Cloud, and start using our services.

  • Kubernetes How-Tos cover how you can create and manage your Kubernetes deployments using Cleura Cloud Management Panel.

  • Object storage How-Tos deal with the S3 and Swift object storage APIs, and how you can use them for object storage in Cleura Cloud.

  • OpenStack CLI/API How-Tos cover tasks that you can accomplish with the OpenStack command line interfaces and application programming interfaces. They generally do not depend on any adjacent services or tools, just your Cleura Cloud OpenStack credentials, the openstack client, and/or the native OpenStack APIs.